About Us

Engage Russia is a new database product researched by Pro-Active Business Information Limited, which is now available for list leasing and list rental.

Pro-Active Business Information Ltd

Pro-Active have been specialist database compilers for the IT Industry for over 10 years. Engage Russia was compiled to meet the need for high quality Business to Business data across Russia, as sources are few and far between and often charged at a premium.

Engage Russia fills a void with high quality affordable marketing data with the added benefit of being well populated with personalized opt-in email addresses.

This goes beyond the realms of most international marketing databases, which will undoubtedly make Engage Russia the gold standard for international database products.

Pro-Active have been providing international B2B database solutions and delivery services for over 15 years. Expert knowledge of the data industry and proven capabilities in B2B marketing makes Pro-Active a best-of-breed data provider. Our fully managed service offerings include:

  • Data Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mailing fulfillment
  • Digital Print